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How it works?


Online cryptocurrency auctions without a minimum price

CoinBlast.com ensures the highest quality customer experience, which is why we only offer the most well-known and trusted cryptocurrencies on our auctions, and each bidding starts from 0 USD – without a minimum price. Participate in auctions and buy cryptocurrencies up to 95% cheaper! We guarantee the lowest prices accompanied by an adrenaline rush. Register now by clicking here, hundreds of auctions are waiting for you!


When does the auction end?

Three, two, one, zero... Sold! The bidding on CoinBlast.com lasts until the time counted by the clock of a given auction drops to zero (00:00:00). Each bid by players extends the auction time by a few seconds - depending on the auction, it can be from 5 to 60 seconds.


What is Auto-Bidder?

Every player can place a bid on the auction themselves - by clicking the "Bid" button - or with the help of Auto-Bidder. Auto-Bidder is a system that makes as many bids as the player sets for them. Auto-Bidder will always bid at the last moment (at the most advantageous moment for the player), thereby extending the auction time by a few seconds, just like in the case of a regular bid by the player.


Who wins the auction?

The winner of the auction is the person who made the last bid. This means that after this person clicks the "Bid" button or after the Auto-Bidder of this person places a bid, none of the players bid (did not place a bid manually or with their set Auto-Bidder). When the auction time drops to zero (00:00:00) - this person wins the auction.


What are BIDs?

BIDs are virtual currency used for bidding on CoinBlast.com. BIDs allow participation in auctions and the use of other features of the Service. Each bid offer in the auction costs a specified amount of BIDs, depending on the auction, it can be from 1 to 15 BIDs.


How is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies cheaper than on exchanges?

Anyone who wants to participate in the auction must top up their BID account. Participation in the auction costs a symbolic amount, but thanks to this, the winner can buy the won cryptocurrency even 99% cheaper than on the exchange.


How to receive the won cryptocurrencies?

The prize is sent to the winner automatically after payment, and the whole process takes from a few seconds to a few hours depending on the cryptocurrency used.


Want to know more?

Do you have any questions? Check out the "FAQ" or contact Customer Service. Tactics, comments, and advice on the Service can be found on our social media channels.

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World's first and the biggest crypto bidding service. With a player-centric approach, COINBLAST.COM is able to satisfy millions of clients across the globe. COINBLAST.COM has its priority set on its community, ensuring an everlasting and endlessly entertaining bidding experience.
CoinBlast.com is operated by Coinspace LLC, registered under incorporation number: 2016, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. CoinBlast.com service is unavailable for the residents of the U.S., Iran and GCC countries. Be aware that COINBLAST.COM is not a gambling or casino website to offer any games of chance or games of skill for money or other prizes. CoinBlast.com runs solely the penny auctions for cryptocurrencies. Thank you for choosing CoinBlast.com.